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Sharks to Traders – This Cohort Has Graduated with New Resolve

As the 2021-22 academic year closed, our cohort of entrepreneurs made one final push outside of their comfort zone by hosting their own Trade Show. Not only did we have them present their business and products in front of their own peers, but they pulled in record revenues. Our teams of creative students learned first hand that sometimes to reach goals they need to go beyond their day to day activities and stretch the limits.

Being in a trade show may not seem like a big deal to those who have been in business for years, but for a high school student to learn the experience before stepping onto a college campus is another reason why the EYE program keeps growing the minds of our leaders. We can count the number of unique experiences our students step into and say with confidence that they are ready for the next level of their education, careers, and businesses. Our students faced and conquered the following challenges:

  • Organizing and executing in a Run/Walk for their School and Program

  • Building their own teams and identities as a business

  • Competing in and winning a real loan to start their own business in a Shark Tank

  • Executing on a Trade Show to show their brand and business to the public

  • Build and generate their own websites

  • Create a financial model and plan for success for the business

  • Learned to collaborate and communicate with peers while facing challenges and goals that are unique to young business owners

In conclusion, this year was both challenging and rewarding as we went from restrictions with masks on at all times and limited ability for communication to 7 business plans, 27 young hearts and minds with a new hunger to grow, and another year of growth on the pathway to helping the leaders of today realize their potential for tomorrow.

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