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EYE Alumni Spotlight - Hannah Tanco EYE Class 2020

Hannah took EYE during the scholastic year of 2019-2020 – Because of the COVID 19 outbreak and shutdown many students suffered and found themselves grappling with the challenge of simply continuing their education. In spite of this, Hannah not only persevered in her high school education, but she found the “light at the end of her proverbial tunnel” to one day open her own bakery. Below is an interview we conducted with Hannah to get a glimpse of where she is now. Thank you and please enjoy – John Vaile and Michael Broccolino.

1. Where do you go to school? What year are you? What are you studying?

  • I go to school at the University of Illinois in Chicago and I am currently a college sophomore. I have decided to go into Business Marketing.

2. What was your business in EYE? Are you still active with your business?

  • I started up a home bakery, where I baked and sold different sweets. I even learned how to fulfill scheduled orders. I am still active with it till this day and am learning and growing still.

3. What was the catalyst or inspiration for your business in EYE?

  • I loved to bake and wanted to create something that showed both my passions and creativity all together. I wanted to do something I enjoyed and loved instead of something I would find tiresome and boring that would lose my interest.

4. Where do you work?

5.. What is/are your goal/goals upon (or before) graduation?

  • I want to have experienced different internships and jobs so that I am not just going with the first job that offers. My hope is that I can make connections with companies. I would also like to get my grades as high as possible, I want to continue growing so that I am doing the best that I can. I would also like to find a place where I know I would be happy working in the future prior to graduation. Over time, as I grow in my abilities, I would also like to open up my own bakery by using the marketing skills and expertise I am working to gain to help position my bakery for success. EYE was the class that helped me decide on what I wanted to do with my life. I was introduced to the world of business and got a first hand look at the interworking of it.

6. What’s a word of encouragement to high schoolers looking to find a vision?

  • Don't search so hard, focus on the present and understanding yourself and what you want for yourself rather than focusing on a future that you are forcing yourself into. The right thing for you will show itself in time.

7. How does faith play a role in your story and business?

  • Faith is something that helps run my business. There have been many times where I wanted to throw in the towel and give up but God has blessed me beyond belief with wonderful experiences, customers and people. This business has been in God's hands and even when times get tough, I have always trusted in him to lead me to where I need to go.

8. If time and money were not an object, what would you do?

  • Okay stay with me, I would read a ton of different books and travel around the world to where they take place. From London to Canada to the Maldives to Spain. All around the world. I would also try everything that they did in the books to get the full experience.

9. What’s a recent source of inspiration or encouragement for you?

  • I have been learning more about finances and understanding how to save money for big purchases in the future which is a big motivation for me to work and study hard so I can have grand opportunities in the future.

10. What’s one way you try to keep improving yourself?

  • I enjoy learning new things and trying them out. I feel like you could learn a lot from new experiences so I try my best to try new things in order to broaden my spectrum.

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