Meet The Entrepreneurs

EYE Class of 2020-2021

Stephen Garth

Stephen is a young man always up for the challenge. Already an outstanding athlete, student and member of the Hope Community, he wants to someday own a gym or be a personal chef.


“I believe that you must put your heart into everything you do until the day you leave this earth, so I want to learn how entrepreneurs take big financial risks and organize their money so I can do the same.”



Dakota Williams

Dakota Williams is ambitious and she’s hungry.  She’ll also make you hungry with her growing chef and catering abilities.  Dakota is an outstanding student, has a heart for lifting her community and also accels on the basketball court as the team’s captain.


“In EYE I want to  learn to plan, control decision making, communicate properly, staff by business and problem solve and to be effective and efficient.”

Rashaad Wittington

Rashaad Whittington is aptly named - he is a witty and engaging young man, a great athlete in football and track and an uplifting member of the Chicago Hope community.


“I am a very determined person and I am very interested in Music and Cinema. I'd like to get a step closer to my potential future career.”

Ashley Robles

Ashley Robles is creative at heart.  She is a bright member of the Chicago Hope family, singing in the chapel band running cross country and participating in Christian fellowship. 


“This class appeals to me because I find classrooms restricting; I want to learn to maintain a business and gain understanding of what a career in the business world would look like. I have a positive attitude which always finds a way to push through a challenge and get the job done.”



Kheler Carr

Kheler is a strong member of our community, always ready with a listening ear and encouraging word for her classmates.  She’s an outstanding runner on the track and also accels in the classroom.  She has a particular knack for social media marketing.


“I want to be in the EYE program, because I am very interested in learning the critiques of being an entrepreneur and would like to become one in the future.  I am particularly interested in a career in banking or fashion.”

Davarey McClain

Davarey McClain is a natural-born leader who is willing to lead classmates and teammates by example and encouragement.  He is a running back on the Hope football team and a strong student.


“One of the gifts I have is leadership. Where I’d like to grow is learning to become creative.  I am determined; I do not like to lose and I never give up.”

Antonio Ortiz

Antonio is a gifted young man. He is a leading member of the Student Government at Chicago Hope where he manages finances, and a consistent presence on the cross country and wrestling team.  He’s an outstanding student, positive role model and consistently encouraging classmate.


“I'm close to people who currently have their own businesses and would like to start my own. I look forward to gaining direction and clarity through the EYE program.”



Yadira Gonzalez

Yadira, or “Yadi” is a talented student-athlete at Chicago Hope.  She maintains a strong academic record and plays on the varsity soccer team.  Outside of school she works in the development program at Chi Fil-A and volunteers in her aunt’s pastry business - a hard worker!


“As a first generation immigrant with the goal to attend college, I have ambition. I want to give hope to our future generation by doing something in the medical or food fields.”

Rickie Gray

Rickie Gray is a well rounded student and member of the Chicago Hope community.  A junior with a solid academic background, he aspires to be a professional photographer.


“What I’m passionate about is photography, so EYE offers me the chance for a better understanding of entrepreneurship to help me make my passion a business reality in the future. Of course, I appreciate the phones and the digital cameras but film photography is dying and I want to bring it up from its roots and have it become as successful as possible.”

EYE Class of 2019-2020

Olman Chaheine

I enjoy chess and Chinese checkers, and I run cross country, track, and I wrestle in the winter. I heard this class can be quite challenging. I hope to get into the business field, specifically real estate, and the Entrepreneurial Youth Experience Class can help me get a foot in the door. 

Leif Ginter

I am interested in sports, especially track and wrestling.  I decided to join EYE because I want to learn about business and thought starting a business would be a great experience.  In college I hope to study either business or engineering.

Josh Dennis

Josh Dennis is a South Side Chicago native who looks to uplift young artists and amplify their voices. With a strong interest in the arts, he hopes to start an LLC to begin entrepreneurial work designing and selling clothes. 

Sofia Flores

In college I would like to study business management and administration. My ideal career would be an event or concert manager. I have always had a mind for business and I would love to continue to grow it. 

Nicole Guzman

I play soccer and help manage wrestling and boys soccer at Chicago Hope.  My dream job is in real estate and that is a big reason why I joined the EYE program.  I am always up for a challenge and looking for new things to learn.

Tyrell Hilton

 I love liberal arts and Math, and would like to study Psychology in the future. EYE, Philosophy, and Government are my most interesting classes this year.  I love to play chess in my spare time and play for Hope basketball. I want to become a Psychiatrist in the future.

Quynh Hoang

I am interested in business finance and accounting in the future.  My dad is in business and I want to have a career just like his.  I am on the Hope Robotics team as the accountant and fundraising manager so I am excited to see how I can bring my experience to EYE.

Zaria Hobbs

I am on the cheer team and take gymnastics to improve in cheer.  I love to spend time with friends and family. My favorite subject is literature and one day I want to work with the FBI through psychology and criminology.

Taylor Lee

I love exploring different aspects of the world: art, literature, science, etc. Philosophy and physics are my two major interests, but I always enjoy learning new things because it helps me to grow and to understand the world I'm living in better.

Faith Manke

 I plan to study Special Education in college with the intent of becoming a teacher. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, baking, and hanging out with friends.  I joined the EYE class so that I can develop my business, leadership, and management skills. I am excited to see how much I will learn and grow through the program this year.

Zuri Morales

If I could choose any career I would be a dermatologist. I decided to take EYE because it not only gives me an opportunity to explore my creative side but also act upon it.  I know it will help me now and in whatever career I end up with.  I am a part of the girls soccer team and also the Wheaton B.R.I.D.G.E. program.

Nick Rinehart

I want to attend college at Arizona State University and either do Infantry ROTC or major in structural engineering. I am also looking to play baseball as well. I joined the EYE class to open my eyes and expand my knowledge of how life in the real world works.

Esthefanny Roman

My interests consist of reading and doing volunteer work. I help out every week at my church and enjoy it very much. 

I am in EYE because I am open to trying new things and want to develop entrepeneurial skills, I think it is very interesting.

In the future I want to become a neurosurgeon and plan on going to medical school. 

Hannah Tanco

 I am looking to study either Forensic science or Business when I leave High School. I wanted to join EYE this year so I could further my knowledge on the business world. An interesting fact about me you should know is that I own over 100 books and have read more than 200.  I also am the manager for the Cross Country and boys volleyball teams.

EYE Class of 2018-2019

Analiese Alvarez
Class 2020

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Kayla Brown

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Christopher Cinkus

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Isai Davila 
Class 2019

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Seth Gonzalez
Class 2020

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Erik Ocampo
Class 2021

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Diego Sam
Class 2020

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Ana Su
Class 2020

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Nathan Tamayo
Class 2020

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Talique Taylor
Class 2020

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Ace Truong
Class 2019


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Jose Villalon
Class 2019

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Cynthia Zaragoza
Class 2020

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